2014 Pure Street Rules

1. Any American coupe, sedan or full size Pickup, stock production frame or unibody. minimum 101" wheelbase.

2. All bodies must be stock appearing, no wedge bodies. . NO FLAT SIDES OR LATE MODEL NOSES!

3. Stock fire wall or same thickness, stock floor pan or same thickness must extend past the drivers seat. Floor pan must run side to side, frame rail to frame rail or rocker panel to rocker panel. Must extend to rear of drivers seat.

4. Frame must remain Stock. Metric cars may be cut off 12" behind rear end housing and replaced with 2x4 or similar tubing.

5. Fenders may be trimmed to allow tire clearance.

6. Sub-frame cars may be tied together under car.

7. Front and rear bumpers in Stock position required and must be rounded off.

8. Nose and grill may be replaced with plastic.

9. Nerf bars not to exceed 1 inch from body and maximum 1 ½ diameter.

10. FUEL CELL IS MANDATORY. No boat tanks or homemade gas containers allowed. Trunk flooring may be removed to mount cell. Fuel cells MUST be contained in reinforced steel container and securely mounted.

11. Battery may be relocated but not in drivers compartment and must be securely mounted.

12. Doors MUST be welded shut.

13. All glass and flammable material must be removed.

14. Cars must have a MINIMUM 6 point roll cage, 1 ½ inch minimum diameter pipe, securely welded to frame. Three (3) drivers side door bars required. NO BLACK or galvanized pipe allowed. Minimum .125" steel plated on outside of door bars HIGHLY recommended.

15. After market pedals will be allowed. Brake adjustors allowed.


1. Stock type suspension in stock location. Stock Front upper control arm mounts may be moved for corrected geometry but must be the original mount! Control arms and spindles must match frame.

2. Leaf spring cars: Front leaf spring mount must be in stock location, no raising or lowering. Adjustable shackles and lowering blocks allowed. No sliders. Composite springs will be allowed but not recommended.

3. Coil spring cars: front trailing arm mounts must be in stock location. Rearend mounts may be relocated. Stock trailing arms only.

4. No bearing type or "mono-ball" type bushings anywhere on car.

5. No weight jacks

6. Front shocks must be in stock location. Rear shocks may be relocated and only one shock per wheel. Shocks may be claimed, see "protest and claims" in General Track Rules.

7. Right front safety hub is optional.

8. No sliders. Adjustable shackles are allowed.

9. Quick steer allowed.

10. No Chrysler springs allowed except on Chrysler cars.

11. Engine set back-front spark plug hole can be no farther back that center of upper ball joint.

1. Rear end must be locked. No torque dividing differentials.

2. 9 inch Ford rear end and floaters permitted.

3. Rear disc brakes permitted

4. NO quick change rear ends allowed..

1. Stock manual or stock automatic transmission with stock torque converter. Transmission must have all working gears. No 2-speed manuals.

2. Stock type steel flywheel and pressure plate. No aluminum. Minimum 10.250" full round clutch disc, no multi-discs.

3. No aluminum or carbon fiber drive shafts.

4. Drive shaft loop REQUIRED within 10" of front u-joint.

5. Drive shaft must be painted WHITE.

1. Car must weigh minimum 3200 lbs. with driver at all times. Subject to weighing at any time.

1. Track tires-asphalt scuffed takeoffs. Must durometer 50 or harder at all times.

2. Hoosier E-mod A and H compounds also allowed. A's must durometer 45 or harder, H's 55 or harder

3. 8 or 10 inch steel wheels only. Bead locks allowed.

4. 1 inch lug nuts MANDATORY. Minimum 1/2" wheel studs required.

5. Grooving, siping, and grinding allowed on all tires. No chemical treatments.

1. Racing gas or E-85 ethanol permitted.
2. No nitrous oxide or alcohol.

1. 362 cubic inch MAXIMUM. Stock production block. No 400 blocks, no strokers.

2. Stock production cast iron heads only. No porting or polishing. No bowtie heads. No titanium valves.

3. Stamped steel or steel roller tip stud mounted rockers only allowed.

4. Screw-in studs, guide plates and stud girdles allowed.

5. After market flat tappet camshafts only.. No rollers or mushroom lifters.

6. Must pull 15 inches of vacuum at 1000 RPM. Vacuum to be pulled from base of carburetor or intake. Must have easily accessible port, no larger than 3/8" for vacuum gauge. 12 Volt hookup for track tack required. All engines must be turned off during vacuum test.

7. Flat top or dished pistons only. Two valve relief piston allowed.

8. Any STOCK LENGTH steel rods. (Example: Chevy 350 5.7 only).

9. Stock stroke and journal size after market crank OK. No lightening, polishing, knife edging, profiling, or "chroming".

10. Any HEI or point distributor. No external coils on GM. No Magnetos. No boxes or voltage boosters. Non GM vehicles may use stock electronic ignition or use after market HEI.

11. Any Cast iron or non-air gap aluminum intake. 2 or 4 barrel okay. No polishing!

12. Carburetor spacer NOT EXCEEDING 2.125 inch IN HEIGHT. This is measured from intake face to base of carburetor including gaskets.

13. Mechanical fuel pump in stock location. No electric or belt driven pumps.

14. Headers or exhaust manifolds allowed.

15. Carburetor can be NO larger than Holley 500 CFM 2 barrel and must pass inspection from top side with gauge. (Must be stock venture 1 3/8 inch). Choke horn may be removed.

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