2015 General Track Rules


The Rules and/or Regulations set forth herein do not express or imply warranty of safety, from publication of, or, compliance with these Rules and/or Regulation. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of competition, and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants or spectators. These rules and/or Regulations will apply to all events.

Track Officials shall have full authority over said events, and, in the event of any dispute, the Head Official’s decision will be final. All cars are subject to be inspected by the Technical Inspector at any time during the event.

Track officials reserve the right to alter or amend these Rules and/or Regulations in the interests of fair competition.


1. Green flag and light means racing. Initial START will begin at the line in Turn Four. You cannot pass until the green flag and green light are visible. If you pass before then, you will bring out and have the caution charged to you. 2nd. Caution you will have to leave the track. Cars not taking green flag to start race will not be allowed on the track.

Once a race has completed one (1) full lap if a caution occurs, restart will be double file starting at the cone in turn four. No maneuvers such as “brake checking” that would impede a fair start shall be allowed. Drivers that engage in such conduct are subject to penalty and or disqualification

2. Yellow flag means caution, slow down immediately and maintain position. GET IN LINE! We will put you where you need to be! Any car bringing out a caution on any lap will go to rear of field.

3. Red flag means all cars MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. All cars go to the top of the Track and STOP. Anyone going to the pits during red flag will lose their position in that race. All red flag lineups will go back to the last completed green flag lap. on red flag, at officials discretion 2 crew members per car may be allowed to go to car. Red flag will be announced as "closed red" or open red" and pit steward will give the ok to go onto track.

4. Black flag means unsafe conditions (flats, excessive smoking, loose car parts, etc.). Cars will be warned with a black flag in case of minor incidents. Rough driving will result in immediate removal from the track for the remainder of that race. Anyone refusing to leave the track when black flagged will result in suspension of two (2) race nights.

5. White flag means there is one (1) lap remaining in the race. No yellow or red flag will be thrown at this point unless a hazardous condition exists.

6. Blue/yellow flag means that you are about to be lapped by the leader, HOLD YOUR LINE! If you cannot hold your line, pull to the infield when safe to do so. Any car being lapped that is not holding their line and causes a caution is subject to black flag. However, a lead car who "boots" a lapped car out of the way will be subject to penalty.

7. Half-way point of the race Flagman will show crossed green and white flag. One (1) lap remaining Flagman will wave white flag.

8. Checkered flag means end of race..

9. Any car leaving the race track will be put in the rear.

10. Lapped cars will go to rear of field on restarts.

11. NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE TRACK EXCEPT TRACK OFFICIALS. Anyone caught on the track could result in removal from the pit area. Any driver leaving their race car to argue with officials will be barred for two (2) weeks.

12 Also, at officials discretion, they may pull a fender from tire or tear off a nose or hazardous piece hanging loose. We will do our best to keep everyone racing and the show moving along.

13. All cars must have tow hook or chain, or have bumpers capable of being used to tow car. Hook should be outside body and easily accessible. Only exception is late model front ends, and even then every effort should be made to make it as easy as possible. If you must be towed and have nowhere to hook, you will not get paid for the night. We have to keep the show moving, do your part to make that happen. You must remain with your car to get it off the track.

14. Lineup will be posted on the board at the concession stand. It is the drivers responsibility to be lined in his proper position prior to the finish of the proceeding race. Anyone not in proper position when the official sends the cars onto the track will start in the rear.

15. Any incident or occurrences not covered in these rules will be ruled upon by the track officials.

16. Any disorderly conduct from driver or crew member toward any driver or track official will be disqualified for the remainder of the night. Second offense will be disqualified for the remainder of the year.

17. All cars must be prepared to weigh after each race.

18. Courtesy Rule: Any car from another track with minor rule differences may at Management’s discretion, race on that night but will be notified of any modifications and will have to be legal on the next visit to the track.

19. All points go to the driver (Not the car). Any driver changing cars must use a car in that class.

20. All cars should be numbered with large legible numbers on both doors and top. Also 6 inch numbers on front and back recommended. Number on doors of car should be in contrasting color from body and be at least 16 inches high.

21. Anyone changing drivers or cars from Heat race to the Feature race must start at the rear of the field. If changing drivers or cars, you must notify Track Official.

22. NO courtesy laps will be given for a flat. However, you may leave the track and come back as long as race has not restarted. We will not hold up the show for anyone.

23. No traction control, Electronic or computer controlled devises or data acquisition systems allowed.

24. All decisions made by the Flagman and/or Track Officials will be final.

25. The Management reserves the right to change the Race Program or Rules at any time to improve the racing program.

26. Pill draw will be held at pit concession stand and will end 10 minutes before scheduled hot lap time.


1. There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages in the pit area before or during the race program. NO use of controlled substances anywhere on Raceway property. Anyone deemed under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or having either in their possession will be immediately suspended. In the event of a violation of a controlled substance, the proper authorities will be notified.

2. Drivers are responsible for their crew.

3. All drivers in all classes must wear a SFI approved full fire suit and approved minimum SA-2005 helmet. approved 3 inch restraint system required. All cars must be equipped with approved fuel cells. No two-way radios allowed in cars.

4. All cars must have a window net or use of arm restraints and at lease three (3) bars in front of the driver.

5. Cars may be inspected at any time by Track Officials.

6. Speed limit anywhere in the pits is idle speed for everyone! If you are speeding thru the pits, you will be parked for the night with no money or points.

7. No one is allowed to argue or discuss any item with Track Officials while a race is in progress. Abusive or improper language by anyone will not be tolerated . Any type of physical assault towards anyone may result in arrest.

8. All weight must be painted white, have car number on them, and bolted. No rear view mirrors will be allowed.

9. All cars must have a front and rear bumper at a reasonable height for pushing and must have a chain or steel loop device attached to the center of the chassis on the front and rear to provide wrecker hook-up.

12. Drivers are not allowed to exit their car on the speedway surface during the events at the track. If you exit your car you will be disqualified and will not receive any type of payment. NO EXCEPTIONS

10. Fighting will not be tolerated!! REMEMBER THIS IS FAMILY ORIENTATED AND FOR FUN!!!

11. Drivers under the age of 16 must demonstrate capability to safely start, stop and maintain control of vehicle. They must also know what the flags mean and be able to take instructions from track officials before being allowed to compete. All drivers under the age of 18 must have a release form and birth certificate on file before allowed to compete.



1. Cars may be inspected at any time by Track Official.

2. Visual protest must be made at least five (5) minutes before the feature race.

3. E-mod and street stock may have any shock on car claimed for $100. Claimed driver may elect to trade for same shock on claiming parties car. Example: If you claim my left rear shock, I can take your$100 or choose to take your left rear shock, in which case no money changes hands.

4. All protests and claims must be made within five (5) minutes after the feature race is completed. The driver or owner must have the correct amount of CASH in his possession. Protests and claims may be made on top 3 finishing feature cars.

5. Protest for Pro-4, Street stock and E-mods with Engine option #1:

Top half of motor, (intake, one cylinder head, bore, and stroke) $250.00; Protested party gets $150 if found legal.

Complete motor, (top half plus removal of rod and piston, check crankshaft) $500.00; engine must be removed from car. Protested party gets $350 if found legal.

Transmission (includes clutch, flywheel) $150.00 Protested party gets $75 if found legal.

6. Cubic Inch Tester $100.00.

7. If protested car is found illegal, protestor gets same money back that protested party would have gotten if found legal.

8. Only cars which finish in the same lap and in the top ten positions of the Feature Race will be allowed to protest or claim. The race team protesting will be allowed the driver and one (1) member of his crew. The race team that is being protested will be allowed the driver, the owner and up to two (2) crew members. Only those people and track officials will be allowed in tear down area. All final results of the protest will be announced.

9. Street stock and E-mods: After 4 feature wins, engine will be torn down for inspection. Street stock and E-mods with Engine Option #1 will consist of removal of 1 head, check bore and stroke, piston, valves, rocker arms, camshaft and carburetor. E-mods with Engine option #3 will check carb and need to remove valve cover to check camshaft and rocker arms.

Rules amendments

1. We will give 2 attempts in heat races/dashes and 3 attempts in Feature races to do double file restart behind the leader.  After these attempts, restarts for the remainder of that race will go single file.

2. Lapped cars will be lined up in the position in which they were running at the last officially scored lap.  Lapped cars MAY elect at their discretion to move to the rear of the field on a restart.  Please just signal to track official your desire to do so.

3. Flat tires may be changed, in feature races only, at the designated work area.  Reasonable time will be given to do so.  Any other work may also be done at designated work area, however courtesy laps or time will only be given in special circumstances. Any car leaving the track will go to rear of the field.  Any car bypassing the work area to go to trailer will be considered out of that race and not allowed back on track

4.When track conditions are such that we need cars to roll it in, any car not making the call to pack the track must start at rear of their heat race.

5. No car may be entered in 2 classes on the same race night.

6. When 9 cars or less are signed into any given class, there may only be 1 heat race.  10 or more will be broken into 2 heats.  

7. All cars must have LEGIBLE NUMBERS on both sides.  If the scorers cannot see your drivers side  numbers from the tower, we may put pink “Hello Kitty” duct tape on your car so that we can see. 

8. Be aware of running order and be in staging when it is time to race.  Any car not on track whenever line-up is correct will go to rear of field.

9. Heat races will be 8 laps.  Dashes will be 6 laps.  Feature laps will be adjusted depending on car count, however laps will be posted with feature line-ups.


10.  There will be a time limit on all races, started at drop of original green flag.  Heats 12 minutes, dashes 9 minutes, features will be 2 minutes per scheduled lap.


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